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2. The Lawyers

Companies in Mexico are living a new reality after the Federal reforms in Criminal matters in which legal entities can be charged with the commission of a crime. That is why Vega, Guerrero & Asociados has established a team focused on the “compliance” practice in order to ensure compliance of the companies’ legal framework, which can be accomplished by the creation of a Criminal Compliance Program that suits to the goals, functions and needs of each company.

Our team of the “compliance” practice aims to create comprehensives mechanisms that encompass the right compliance by the company (as well as by its employers and directives), considering as a part of its legal framework the established internal policies and regulations, since this practice seeks to identify and avoid any conflict that may arise from the actions of the company’s personnel.

At VGA we pursue to have a multidisciplinary approach that addresses all the needs that our clients may have, which is why our attorneys are continually preparing themselves to provide the best service.

2. The Lawyers



Formalities As Part Of Due Process.

Differences between the arbitral venue and the jurisdictional venue As of today, the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJN) has made various interpretations and analyzes of

M&A in family-owned companies: Veto rights

As mentioned in previous articles, specifically in “M&A in family-owned companies: Shareholders’ Agreement”, one way to safeguard the stability of the family in partial sales