M&A: The Technological Impact

Technology-related mechanisms, for several years now, have not stopped impacting the different industries and businesses throughout the world, greatly affecting their course, and mergers and acquisitions are no exception to this.

It is not denied that COVID-19 has not meant retaking and redirecting the course of business life in mergers and acquisitions, however, the intention of making more efficient, secure, and transparent transactions has been in discussion for a while, so the technological advances’ consequences of the pandemic resulted in the communication and data management and analysis tools that had been sought long before.

For data processing, the parties, and even related third parties, considering the amount of information and documents involved in the analysis and closing of an M&A transaction, have opted to adopt processes of automation, administration, organization, use of software, and storage in the Cloud. The foregoing has brought many positive consequences in the industry, since the processes have become faster, more efficient, and precise, allowing professionals to only manage the processes and optimize their time and money in other areas that really require their know-how and added value.

Now, with the doors being open to technology and with the processing and storage of data in a digital way, it is extremely important to consider the protection of personal data and intellectual property related to M&A transactions through cybersecurity measures that allow incidents to be prevented and dealt with since they would present permanent risks for the immediate success of a transaction and for the related parties in the long term.

Considering the above, technological tools and mechanisms have allowed mergers and acquisitions to be much faster and more efficient transactions, allowing those related to them to monetize on a larger scale. However, the protection of personal data in full compliance with the applicable legislation and the adoption of cybersecurity measures, depending, among other issues, on the publicity and importance of the transaction and the related parties, result in a high impact factor for their success.


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