Intellectual property

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Intellectual property

Innovation is the economic engine of our customers. Obtaining the biggest return on your investments is our mission. Lawyers and technicians work together to protect and economically exploit the inventions of our customers.

Our intellectual property team advises its clients at all stages, from the creation of intellectual property, including its registration, economic exploitation, up to the legal defense of their rights to defend one of the most important assets in all organizations, its intellectual capital.

The 21st century and its commercial openness has brought various challenges for all global industries, increasing their competitiveness, so in VGA our goal is to provide our clients with the necessary tools to operate in the current markets, focusing on shielding and protecting their intellectual creations.

Innovation is the key to the functioning of various industries and their environment, in VGA we are aware of the exhaustive effort of this process, that is why we help our clients to be innovative, to protect their work and maximize their financial performance through services such as obtaining invention patents and registering utility models and industrial designs necessary to have the most extensive protection over your inventions, taking our customers through the process at all times.

The advice provided by VGA is distinguished by not being oblique. Rather, our team works directly with the client to provide with its legal necessities in the process of economic exploitation of their inventions.