VGA Within “The Best Lawyers In Mexico 2021”

The Law Firm, Vega Guerrero y Asociados (VGA), recognized on previous occasions within different international rankings, was named within the Top “The Best Lawyers in Mexico”, in its 2021 edition, which reinforces its prestige and demonstrates the quality services for its clients.

In this eighth edition, the ranking brings together the elite of the legal union covering cutting-edge issues and social interest.

This firm was awarded within the sections of Arbitration, Sports Law, Art, and Entertainment; Automotive Law, Corporate Law, and Labor Law, each recognition classified within the Diamond category.

VGA is a quality firm that has been in the market for about seven years, currently has a workforce of 20 lawyers who are highly qualified in the various practices they offer.

Currently, the firm provides services in Mexico City, Aguascalientes, San Luis Potosí, Monterrey, León, and Querétaro; Also, it has expansion plans mainly in the Bajío region; distinguishing itself by knowing and understanding the needs of clients legally and operationally.

Ranking methodology:

In each edition, to name the best lawyers in Mexico, the ranking carries out a study, for which it has the support of a multidisciplinary team that surveys 3,000 institutions, Chambers, Associations, Confederations, Dome Bodies, Universities, and entrepreneurs; to obtain real data regarding the prestige and quality of the country’s legal firms.

The global marketing area analyzes the database in which there are more than 10,000 registered lawyers. They are given a rating and subsequently, a list of the best 200 lawyers in Mexico is integrated.

Law firms are classified into two categories: Diamond and Platinum, with the former being the highest position. Investigators rely on these qualities to assign positions: legal technical ability, professional conduct, customer service, business savvy, diligence, and commitment.

Within the ranking, there are three specials: Leading Lawyer, the award for the most outstanding lawyer in his specialty during the year; A rising lawyer, a place reserved for those who are at the forefront of their generation; and Advocate Advocate, an acknowledgment for those who are often in the background of the most serious and complex cases.

In the specific case of VGA, within the “Automotive Law” Area, Joaquín Vega Martínez, Partner of VGA, was recognized as a Lawyer on the rise. Only two other lawyers are in this category.

In this way, this law firm continues to position itself as one of the best options for clients at the state, regional, and even national levels respectively.


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