Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

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Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

2. The Lawyers

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In our mergers and acquisitions team we offer a receptive and integral legal service to private companies in their merger and acquisition transactions. VGA uses the firm´s resources and experience for the different operations that the company may require in its expansion process, handling transactions that involve companies of all sizes.

Our team advises clients on matters such as structuring the transaction, the due diligence process, the documentation required for the operation and analyzing exhaustively the requirements of the authorities, as part of the transaction.

We take advantage of teamwork and our resources to support your transaction.

Regardless of whether you are buying or selling in a domestic or international transaction, a diverse legal team with experience and ready to represent you at all times efficiently is required.

The lawyers of our mergers and acquisitions team work alongside the different areas of the firm specialized in intellectual, labor, tax and real estate law and other legal practices, which allows to create synergies with our clients to provide an integrated, cost-effective response in accordance with the needs of your business area.

Practical and precise handling in all ranges of transactions.

Our resources and experience are applicable to any kind of transaction that your company wants to make, regardless of its size. The agreements reached by the firm include negotiated transactions, mergers, purchase and sale of assets and shares, capitalizations, privatizations, divisions, consolidations, joint ventures, recapitalizations, reorganizations and restructuring.

We provide the support required to obtain good results.

From the due diligence process, the thorough review of the documentation, the requirements of the authorities, matters related to corporate governance until the choice of a structure to achieve an intelligent negotiation, our team provides exemplary support and integral advice.

2. The Lawyers



Transfer pricing basics

Transfer pricing is a set of rules and methods used to establish the prices at which transactions between related companies are carried out, in order