VGA joins COPARMEX SLP to legally train the business sector

Today, an important collaboration agreement was signed between Vega, Guerrero y Asociados and the Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex) of the state of San Luis Potosí, through which the more than 450 members will be able to obtain constant training on legal matters.

The agreement was signed by Joaquín Vega, partner of VGA and Julio Galindo, President of COPARMEX SLP; In addition, Oziel Guerrero, founding partner of the Firm and Aldo Muñoz, Associate of VGA and representative in the state of Potosí, were present.

After this alliance, the firm and the organization reaffirm their commitment to the business sector, since various legal services of the highest quality will be made available to them, allowing them to be trained in the different branches. In addition, it should be noted that VGA will be the one who provides legal advice to this Potosí organization.

“We have considered that this is the best qualified law firm with the best specialists. For COPARMEX these strategic alliances are very important, since it is vital that all our members and businessmen are informed about the legal changes that are happening "

In his speech, Joaquin Vega expressed the need to continue to be aware of regulatory and commercial changes in the country; more in the Bajío region, which “is taking over the economy of Mexico.

In addition, due to recent regulatory changes, the VGA partner pointed out the need to support companies to make quick decisions, without neglecting the respective regulatory and protocol part in each situation; which is another of VGA’s objectives with COPARMEX.

"The intention of this alliance also involves pro bono hours by VGA so that we can directly have consultancies free of all costs and logically as one of the benefits that COPARMEX gives to its members," added the VGA partner.

He added that this alliance represents for the firm more than just providing support to entrepreneurs in particular, but also that it allows them to contribute their grain of sand to a good development of the Mexican economy, by keeping companies informed and prepared.

For his part, Oziel Guerrero remarked that VGA and COPARMEX had previously worked together on various issues, such as the one involving the reform of the Pension System, of which COPARMEX was one of its main promoters.

“When the necessary voices are united in the Mexican business community, they get to where they should go and decisions are made. That is what we will continue to do, we will continue to raise our voices and train entrepreneurs so that they know everything that is happening "

To conclude, Aldo Muñoz expressed his gratitude on the part of VGA towards the Confederation, pointing out that “we are at a crucial point and the idea of VGA is to be able to train SLP companies, to support them during these moments of crisis”.

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