The target in Mergers and Acquisitions

On many occasions, company directors may choose to grow through an M&A process without having chosen the target company. The way to identify the viable companies in the plan to…

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The human factor in M&A

With technology and communication facilities and easy outreach to the general public, the level of business competitiveness in which we find ourselves globally is high, and as a consequence, in…


Three mistakes in M&A transactions

It is common to hear that there are M&A transactions that even if they are concluded, do not meet the financial expectations foreseen by the parties involved. When the background…

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M&A: The Technological Impact

Technology-related mechanisms, for several years now, have not stopped impacting the different industries and businesses throughout the world, greatly affecting their course, and mergers and acquisitions are no exception to…


ESG Due Diligence in M&A Transactions

Even though environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are not, in any way, new in M&A transactions, whereas in previous years they could only be a minor element, their importance…